About Us

Outside of the Box is a Community Interest Company set up to support the young people of Royston, Hertfordshire and surrounding areas who are struggling to access education. We offer an alternative option for personal development in a fully inclusive environment. We aim to offer a combination of life skills, tutor sessions and vocational qualifications tailored to each child.

There is a huge need for a company offering this kind of support to fill the gap not met through standard educational options. Many young people have experienced Developmental Trauma – often alongside other SEN needs. They are misunderstood and their needs are not met within standard educational offerings. This leads to them being further isolated from the school environment.

This is where we will come in, to help support the child and their family, improving their wellbeing and future employability.

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Our Aim

We will be developing a unique opportunity for these youngsters; they will access part or all of their education in our hub which is therapeutic and most importantly where they feel safe and connected.