Parenting Coaching group


 New Coaching Group for Parents of Children with ASD, ADHD, and Mental Health Difficulties

Start Date:

 Wednesday, 5th June (6 weeks block)


 7.30pm to 8.30pm


Outside of the Box 3A-3B The Lanterns 16 Melbourn Street Royston SG8 7BX

Qualifications of Group Leader:

The group will be led by an experienced CAMHS nurse and a psychological coach, who has extensive experience in working with children with ASD, ADHD, and mental health difficulties.

Supportive and Non-Judgmental Environment:

The coaching group will provide a safe and supportive environment for parents to learn new skills and strategies to support their children better. The focus will be on creating a non-judgmental space where parents can share their experiences and support each other.

Skills and Techniques:

Parents will learn a variety of skills and techniques to support their children better, including goal setting, practical strategies to navigate the NHS, education, and care systems, and techniques to try at home. These skills will empower parents to support their children more effectively and feel better for themselves.


The coaching group will help parents feel less alone, set goals for their family, and learn practical strategies to support their children’s development and wellbeing.

Date: The coaching group will start on Wednesday, 5th June at 7:30 PM in Royston. If you are a parent of a child who struggles with ASD, ADHD, or mental health difficulties, this group could be a valuable resource for you.

Cost: It will cost £90 and run for 6 sessions once a week. It also includes access to a supportive Facebook group for support between and after the group.

To find out more information and to book please contact Kat Kennedy on

Book : 074760644161 or email